We need someone stronger than what we are

  • Working at Simnova
  • Working at Simnova
  • Working at Simnova
  • Working at Simnova

    As an international and innovative biopharmaceutical company, we are committed to creating a healthy, inclusive and harmonious working environment. We believe that people is the most important factor that lead us to success. We believe that our long-term strategic and business objectives can only be achieved if our internal talent is fully developed.

  • Working at Simnova

    In Simnova, we are committed to better serving patients and their families. We want to give everybody the possibility of extending their lives. We focus not only on results, but also on values & behaviors. We fully respect every ideas of our employees. We provide the development and opportunities for our employees through competency assessment and learning programs to reward their contribution.

  • Working at Simnova

    In Simnova, we grow our business by developing our employees. Our goal is to develop people who meet Simnova's leadership criteria to support Simnova's current and future growth. At the same time, we also provide a solid, appropriate and feasible development plan for different talents.

Our Values

  • Customer First

    Customer First

    Expand access to
    health actively

  • Excellence


    Gather high-quality
    R&D talents

  • Dedication


    Do an excellent job and
    take responsibility

  • Collaborations


    To create a high performance
    of diversity and inclusion

  • Integrity


    People first,
    compliance first

  • Entrepreneurship


    Respect individuality
    and strive together